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Print Media Advertising Agency/Agencies in Delhi, Print Media Advertisement in Delhi. The only physical media which communicates with its presence felt in form of printed material in hand is the print media advertising. Even though with digital media has built a competitive world for the print media, it surely cannot kill print media any time soon and the main reason is its physical presence. Print media stays alive without electricity because other things even though much popular are dependent on electricity or power to keep the electronic gadgets on for their work to be seen , whereas print will stand still in your hand , on your wall , on every material that it has been put on permanently.
Print media when joins hands with the advertising giants newspaper, magazine, billboards, posters, brochures, catalogues, pamphlets it simply makes itself unbeatable. Just to mention little high lighting with the help of technology that print has achieved like sensory experience, color, gloss and non tear ability has taken the customers experience to a different level. Imagine a gloss bright colored picture which you can feel in your hand or even smell it, would that be same as viewing on an electronic gadget? No definitely not. Humans love things which they can feel in their hands and print gives you that experience.
The habit of collecting cutting from newspaper, magazines, brochures hasn’t faded out yet and that is what makes the advertise be alive for a longer time. Newspaper gives the option of customizing the print advertisement from full page to quarter page and even less, which helps the customer manage budgets efficiently. Magazine offers superior and long lasting paper quality over which the advertisement travels hand in hand from reader to reader giving each one an experience of touch and visual senses. Posters keep the print alive on the wall forever until disturbed my unforeseen consequences. Billboards add further triumph to print advertisement by being huge. Catalogues and Brochures stay in your drawers and shelf for a long time reminding you of the things which you have experienced. The print makes its mark on the paper temporarily but leaves it permanent on your mind .

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